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Kate Redgen, Wedding and Event Executive, Stamford Plaza Brisbane

How long have you worked at the Stamford?
I have been at the Stamford for 1.5 years and loving it !!

What makes the Stamford a popular wedding venue choice?
Our location!! Having beautiful views of the story Bridge and the River is a definite attraction. We are also a one stop shop when it comes to their special day. We can do everything from accommodation rooms, ceremony and reception all in the one place which allows the couple to leave it with us to organise everything.

What does a wedding day schedule look like for you?
My day generally starts at 10am and the first thing I usually do is call the bride to see if everything is going ok and if she needs my help. I then go and check and open all the rooms to start setting everything up. My colleague Emma helps in placing our place cards bonbonnieres and anything else the couple needs us to set up. During this time, I usually book site inspections so that I can show a wedding space set up for potential couples. At 2:30 I go and check the ceremony space to ensure that everything is all set up. I then collect the bride 10 mins before ceremony time and take her to the ceremony. From this point on I am generally busy with directing guests to pre-dinner drinks, checking on Dj’s and any suppliers bumping in. At around 5:30 the couple comes back onsite, and I take them to their own private space for canapes and drinks.  Then at 6pm I introduce the couple into their reception and ensure that the entrée course goes out on time. I then hand over the evening to our amazing operations team. Definitely a very busy day but a day spent out of the office and where I get to do what I love.

What was your study / career journey that took you to the Stamford? 
I have a degree in Event and Hotel Management from UQ. At the end of my degree I got the opportunity to work at Disneyworld in Florida to complete my degree. This is where my passion for hotels and travel came into play. When I came back to Brisbane I worked in quite a few hotels in event operations to save money but continue my career.   Recently I moved to London where I worked as an Event Operations Supervisor at Claridge’s one of best hotels in London. The 15 hours days were exciting with insane events, meeting celebrities galore and an incredible learning opportunity but after 2 years I have had enough, and my visa had run out. I came back to Brisbane and the Stamford were hiring a Weddings Coordinator and I jumped at this opportunity.

What wedding trends are you seeing?
Lots of gold and rose gold influences with large fresh floral arrangements. Each couple is so different and I love seeing what they come up with. 

What are the important questions for couples to ask when looking for a wedding venue?
How many people are you expecting, do you want both ceremony and reception and what dates are you considering. If you have these answers in mind when approaching venues, they can help guide you with an answer.

Live or recorded music.  Which works best at wedding receptions?
I love both!! It honestly comes down to the couple and their preference. Maybe there is a band that played when they first met, or they are lovers of rock music. However, the most popular is a DJ as they can control the room and the music that is played. From a venue perspective they are both easy to control and work with.

What makes the Stamford weddings team stand out?
We help you through every little detail and are flexible and understanding of different needs and requirements. We are there on the day to ensure that all of these are met. We walk the bride to the aisle to ensure that everything is perfect, and everyone walks at the right time. All suppliers are contacted a week before so that they are aware of bump in times and how to access the hotel. We want to make sure that couple are as stress free on this day so that they can enjoy being together and getting married.

What wedding day preparation tips do you have for couples?
Have everything dropped off and organised the day before.  You want to leave the morning to enjoy getting ready, whether that be having a big breakfast with your family or getting your hair and makeup done with your bridesmaids. That time is precious and something you will never forget so enjoy it !!

How far in advance is your furthest wedding booking?
I currently have a booking for April 2020 !!

On a lighter note ….

Did you make a 2019 New Year’s resolution? 
As always eat healthier and exercise more. But not something I am holding myself to . I try to do that every week !!

When you arrive home after a wedding what do you like doing?
I am usually exhausted, but I make dinner and usually watch movies to wind down.

Who’s your favourite online retailer for personal shopping?
Kivari, Mister Zimi and Arnhem clothing.

What has been your 5 minutes of fame?
For me nothing that great. However, the most star struck I have ever been was running into Leonardo Di Caprio heading down from his penthouse suite in London to go and find out that he had been nominated for an Oscar.  I definitely froze !! 

Nextflix or Stan?

Where are you going to for your next holiday?
Uzbekistan, Kygrzstan and Turkmenistan!! Very Excited


In April 2019 Kate relocated to the The Calile Hotel. 

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