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Sam Langford Wedding and Private Events Sales Executive

How long have you worked at Victoria Park?
Almost 2 years

What are the key benefits of weddings at Victoria Park?
Attending magnificent events, working with incredible like-minded people and of course, assisting brides and grooms find their dream venue for their big day.

How does your wedding day schedule play out?
Dependant on season, we generally recommend a 3pm ceremony, 4pm-6pm photo time and a 6pm-11pm

What was your study / career journey that took you to Victoria Park?
I originally studied Public Relations when I left school, mainly for the events side of it. I really enjoyed doing all sorts of events at uni but knew I wanted to focus my attention on the wedding industry when I left to start my career. I was entering my final exam and the course coordinator mentioned there was an opening for a junior events coordinator at a local wedding venue. I snapped up this opportunity the minute my exam was over and the rest is history! Five years later I am still as in love with weddings and this industry as I was back then.

What are the important questions for couples to ask when looking for a wedding venue?
I always give my couples the advice to prepare a spreadsheet or comparison chart of every venue they visit, making sure they list all the inclusions and compare costs this way. Then they’ll have the best possible understanding of what they are getting from their chosen venue for their big day.

Live or recorded music, which works best at wedding receptions?
Live, live, live!! Honestly, whether this be a DJ or a band they both create such a fantastic atmosphere for a wedding. It pays to invest in this for your day because there’s nothing worse than music being too loud or soft at certain times. The mood/atmosphere gets lost with an iPod playlist.

What makes the Victoria Park weddings team stand out?
We’re just a bunch of caring, passionate and creative people that want to help our couples have the best day of their lives!

What wedding day preparation tips do you have for couples?
Try the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 game on the morning of the wedding, and throughout the day: pick 1 thing you can taste, 2 things you can smell, 3 things you can touch, 4 things you feel inside and 5 things you can see. It should help keep you mindful throughout the day as well as calm.

What is your lead time for wedding bookings?
It’s been so funny lately with a spike in short lead weddings, but generally our couples book in about a year or more out from their day.

On a personal note ….

What is your personal goal(s) for 2019?
I’m getting married myself after nearly 10 years with the same amazing guy. Very excited and hope to take some of my own ‘mindfulness’ advice on my own wedding day!

After a big day at Victoria Park what do you like doing?
Cooking a gourmet meal (even after a long day I love cooking) and curling up on the couch with my beautiful little family – my fiancé and my baby (blue staffy).

Netflix tip(s)?
Stranger Things, You, Gossip Girl and docos!

Where are you heading for your next holiday?
Honeymooning in Europe, so exciting! London, Italy, Croatia and Greece

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