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Lara Nicholls, Wedding and Event Planner, Tattersall’s Events

How long have you worked at the Tattersall’s Events?

I have been here since July 2016, so almost two and a half years.

What was your study / career journey to take you there?

I completed my bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management, majoring in events at the University of Queensland. Towards the end of my degree I completed an internship with a wedding styling company called Circle of Love Weddings which lead me into getting a position at the Tattersall’s Club!

What does a wedding day schedule look like for you?

I usually arrive to work at 10:00am, say hello to my sets team and check my emails. Club viewing appointments take up most of my morning. Up until 3:00/4:00pm I am helping the sets team with the styling (setting menus, placecards, wedding favours, etc.). Once the bridal party arrive I assist them with their wedding photos and make sure they have been fed! Once the reception starts I assist with our event supervisor with running to schedule and making sure the Bride and Groom are looked after. Once main course has been served I head back to my desk to do any last minute emails. I say goodbye to the Bride and Groom and finish up by 9:00/10:00pm.

Can non-members book the Tattersall’s Events?

Yes definitely! Open to everyone : )

You’ve be in the Brisbane wedding industry for just over 2 years.  What changes have you seen?

Nothing too drastic over the 2 years. However I am finding that a lot of my clients are straying from tradition and creating their own wedding celebration, which I love!

What Brisbane wedding trends are you seeing?

Shared table menus

What are the top questions asked by couples when looking for a wedding venue?

What’s included in your wedding packages?

Almost everything. We look after your menus, place cards, accommodation for the bride and groom, menu tasting… the list goes on!

Do you have a minimum spend?

Nope! Just a small room hire charge of $500 when your guest numbers are under 80.

Can I provide my own styling?

Yes of course, however I would recommend to do as much as you can before the day.

Live or recorded music.  Which works best at wedding receptions?

I love a bit of both. Live music for the ceremony and the start of the reception. For the last few hours of dancing I love when the recorded classics come out.

What makes the Tattersall’s Events team stand out?

We are dedicated to delivering not just exceptional service but also an experience!

What desert options do you recommend?

I love our cheese and dessert tables as you get to have a little bit of everything!

You’ve met many couples and families over the years. Which ones stand out and why?

I love when family members and friends get involved with the wedding planning process. The Mothers will come to the planning meetings, the Fathers enjoy our menu tastings and the friends help with the set up. I not only get to know the Bride and Groom but their guests too!

What wedding day preparation tips do you have for couples?

Have your ‘to do’ list completed a week prior to your wedding day. That way you can spend the week stress-free and really enjoy the big day.

How far out is your furthest booking?

September 2020


On a lighter note ….

Where are you going to for your next holiday?

Not too sure yet! I went to Greece/Croatia in July this year so might stick with smaller trips next year, mostly to the beach.

Charity of choice?

A non-profit organisation called, A21.

When you arrive home after a wedding what do you like doing?

Getting into my pj’s, eat dinner and watch Netflix, I am usually exhausted!

When hitting the kitchen what is your hero dish(s)?

Anything pasta!

Favourite bricks and mortar retailer?

Can always find something pretty in Sabo Skirt.

Who’s your favourite online retailer for personal shopping?

The Iconic, quick and easy.

If you could drive a dream car what would it be?

A chauffeured limousine : )

What has been your 5 minutes of fame?

Having a photo of myself printed in the newspaper is all I can think of!

Coffee or tea?

Definitely Coffee

What are you enjoying on Nextflix?

Currently finishing up Season 8 of Suits

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