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December 2019

Marriage Celebrant Andrew Sinclair catches up with Glenn Mackay from the G & M Event Group.

You and your wife Miranda created the G&M Event Group in 1999. How did the idea come about?
At the time, I was working for a multi-DJ company and was frustrated by the low level of training they provided and the bad service the couples experienced. As a naïve 19 year old, I thought I could do it better. As you can imagine, I made a lot of mistakes, but we learnt from our mistakes and are still always looking to improve.

What study and/or career path took you creating the G&M Event Group?
Over the years, Miranda has studied Marketing and also Education. I’ve studied Law but have always preferred working for myself and developing our business.

Your business has grown to feature Wedding DJ and MC Hire. What services do you offer for each?
Our team offer DJ services, MC services and also a combination of both when needed. Our MC’s are in high demand as they are internationally trained and have a reputation for delivering fun, unique and memorable celebrations. Our DJs love to work on their craft and are always looking for ways to take things to another help.

As a Wedding DJ and MC Hire company what tips do you have for couples seeking these services?
My advice to any couple looking for any wedding service is to first put some thought into what they want their wedding to be, then put some focus on which suppliers will be able to help them deliver that. For example, if the couple are big foodies, then looking for a venue with amazing food or investing in a high quality cake will not only ensure they have a good time, but it will also showcase their personal preferences to their family and friends. If it’s important to create a wedding celebration with lots of dancing, then quality entertainment would be a good investment.

How far out do couples tend to book a DJ and MC?
Our most in demand DJs and MCs will get booked 12-18 months or more in advance. I’ve had many couples call me to check my availability on dates before they have their venue. This is normally couples who have seen me at a family member or friends wedding and want to ensure I’m available for their wedding. Sometimes we get calls for DJs as short as a week out. Sometimes we even get calls from couples whose cheap DJ didn’t show up and their wedding started 10 minutes ago. It all comes down to how much priority the couple have given our involvement in their wedding.

You’ve met many couples. Which ones stand out and why?
Every couple stand out to me in some way. There is always something about a wedding that I remember. Maybe they did something unique or something interesting happened at the wedding that was unplanned. As a wedding MC, I spend a lot of time with my couples in the lead up to the wedding so I’m lucky enough to get to know them pretty well.

What wedding trends are you seeing and what do predict for 2020/21?
I’m seeing more and more couples investing in lighting and special effects. They are using this to create unique looks at their reception which lends itself to eye catching images/video that ends up on social media. Also, many couples are investing in unique experiences for their guests. From fireworks, to light up dance floors to one couple who even hired Alpacas to mingle with guests during pre-dinner drinks. All these unique aspects add up to people remembering each wedding more and more.

What’s planned for the G&M Event Group in 2020?
2020 is going to be a HUGE year for weddings. We’ve beefed up the number of people in our team so that we can handle the big influx in demand. We’ve added in more equipment and production elements. We also have new special effects which we will be releasing in the first quarter of 2020 exclusively to our couples. We can’ wait!

On a lighter note ….

Any tips for working as a husband and wife team?
Knowing each others individual role within the company and respecting that. Understanding each other from a work personality point of view and respecting that. Know when it’s work time and when it’s non-work time. We’re also fortunate that we have separate offices in our home which allows us each to do our best work without distraction (my wife is hot and very much a distraction)

Where are you going to for your next holiday?
With 2020 being so busy with weddings, we have nothing locked in yet, but Egypt and Japan are on the list, as is another trip to the snow as our kids love that experience.

When you arrive home after a wedding what do you like doing?
First thing is a shower. A wedding for me can range between a 8 and 18hr day, which always ends with having to help pack up all the DJ/Lighting equipment. So it’s a shower first, then quick check of emails, social media and then off to bed. It takes time to wind down after the excitement of a good wedding celebration so that I can sleep well.

What were your favourite tunes on your own wedding playlist?
My music taste is quite varied, but I mostly enjoy RNB and also some cheesy pop hits. There is so much talk about music in our office that I’m lucky enough to be exposed to lots of great songs.

How do you rate (1-10) in the kitchen? 1 failure – 10 hero.
I’m a straight up 2. I have 1 dish that I do well, but that’s it.

What Brisbane bricks and mortar retail outlet(s) do things well?
In my experience there are very few decent retail experiences. I feel it’s part of the reason so many people prefer to shop online. The glaring exception to that is Apple. They are one of the few that have put actual thought into their customer experience. Anyone starting a retail store should study Apple. Just like anyone who provides an experience for their clients (which is everyone) should study how Disney do customer service.

What is your number one online retailer for personal and business shopping?
I’m a bit of an eBay tragic. I love being able to get almost anything in 1 spot and their checkout experience is frighteningly easy.

Favourite Brisbane restaurant?
We love going to Kabuki Teppanyaki restaurant with the family or with friends. The kids love it, which is important to us and we love the food too.

Favourite non-work web site(s)?
According to my browser history, it’s YouTube.

What is the one thing you always pack when travelling (apart from a phone charger)?
Baby wipes. Even though our kids have grown out of them, it’s amazing how often they come in handy when travelling.

If you could drive a dream car what would it be?
Bentley Mulsanne. Comfort, class and power for days.

Taxi, Uber, Ola or Didi?

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