Wedding Ceremony

Marriage is one of the most significant occasions in a lifetime. There are many facets to planning for the ‘Big Day’. Selecting the best Marriage Celebrant for your ceremony helps set the tone for the day and make for a memorable occasion.

No two marriage ceremonies are the same. Different venues, guest numbers, bridal party sizes, cultural backgrounds and individual taste are just some of the things that make every marriage ceremony quite unique. I am committed to help you create a ceremony that fulfills your needs. I provide couples with an extensive choice of ceremonies and / or help create your own.

Some couples request a marriage rehearsal at the wedding venue. This is an optional service I am very happy to provide.  At our final pre wedding meeting, the week prior to the ceremony, I will detail the running plan (arrival, music, guests, standing options etc) which for many couples negates the need for an on site rehearsal.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

A name-giving ceremony is a rewarding and important experience for both family and friends. It’s an occasion when the birth of a child is celebrated and that child is welcomed into our world.

Family relationships are deepened and the parent or parents become more aware of their responsibilities as do the godparents (also known as ‘mentors’ or ‘guardians’) and grandparents.

Naming ceremonies are not Baptisms or Christenings although they are sometimes referred to as one of these. A naming ceremony is an occasion to express joy and hope about the arrival on a child.

The words of a naming ceremony should, where possible, mirror the values of parents, family and friends. The opening of a naming ceremony is greatly enhanced if it contains personal details about the family.

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