Stefanie Lance from the Landing at Dockside talks weddings

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Stefanie Lance

Venue Manager, Landing at Dockside

How long have you worked at the Landing and what study / career path took you there?

I started working at The Landing as an Intern during my studies back in July 2012.  I was at Griffith University studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Event Management and International Hotel and Tourism Management at the time. Working weekends for free just trying to get a foot in the door which then led to waitressing the events, helping in the office when needed and supervising events.  After graduating I moved into an Event Coordinator role and after a few years of that became Venue Manager.

You’ve be in the Brisbane wedding industry for over 6 years.  What changes have you seen?

There has been a huge shift in the size of weddings.  A few years ago, the average guest list was well over 100 but this is reducing every year with most coming in at 60-80. People are also very fond of the ‘destination’ wedding – I don’t necessarily mean overseas, but Brisbane couples are very open to travel up and down the coast to get married and make a full weekend of celebrations.

What wedding trends are you seeing and what do predict for the coming years?

A lot of couples are doing ‘first look’ photos before the ceremony which I think is really nice.  This allows the newlyweds to spend a lot more time with their guests instead of leaving straight after the ceremony for photos.  Weddings trends are quickly changing so I don’t really have any predictions for the coming years but am excited for whatever they may be!

When hiring staff, what do you look for in applicants?

I don’t base experience in the industry as a ‘must have’.  If they are a good person, have a strong work ethic and quality values – that is what makes a good employee.  Anyone can learn how to do a job well with the right foundations.

What menu selection is popular at The Landing?

By far our delicious Pork Belly entrée and Wagyu Beef Cheek main – an absolute winner every time!

 What changes are coming to the Landing in 2019?

We are working on some exciting changes but that is all I can say for now!

 How far out is your furthest booking?

We have had enquiries for 2021 however have not opened bookings for this year yet for obvious reasons!  

You’ve met many couples and families over the years. Which ones stand out and why?

I definitely have a few stand outs from the past 6 years but a few too many to mention.  These couples stand out because they have just been genuine lovely people who appreciate that we aren’t just ‘doing our job’ we are putting everything we can into making their wedding amazing.  

What wedding day preparation tips do you have for couples?

My biggest recommendation is to hire the right professionals and limit your DIY as much as possible.  

The Landing at Dockside was once called Snug Harbour, do people ever look for the old venue?

Yes, they do!  We were once a function centre, Comedy Club and Café.  People still come by looking for the Comedy Club who were once locals and haven’t been back to the area for a while.

The Landing has been operated by the Deery Family (owners of the Story Bridge Hotel) for many years.  What synergies does this bring to the operation?

It is great having a ‘sister’ venue so close to us.  We work together in many aspects, be it extra furniture needed for a large event or organising a post-wedding breakfast celebration for our couples.


On a lighter note ….

Where are you going to for your next vacation?

Japan! My family has organised a skiing holiday after Christmas, so I am very much looking forward to that – first time skiing so hoping I come home in one piece.

When you arrive home after a wedding what do you like doing?

Eating! We don’t often stop on event days so sitting down for a nice meal is thoroughly enjoyed! 

When hitting the kitchen what is your hero dish(s)?

I like Italian food so making pasta or gnocchi is always a bit of fun despite the floury mess I make in the process.

Favourite Brisbane restaurant (apart from Deerys Restaurant and Smokehouse)?

Madame Wu is a big favourite of mine. I can’t go past their banquet!

What is the one thing you always pack when travelling (apart from a phone charger)?

Vitamins – it sounds weird I know but there is nothing worse than being sick on holiday!

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